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“Thank you so much for sharing your heaven on earth with us. I can remember touching her face and looking into her eyes and holding her body and mostly I will never forget how I felt when my eyes beheld her…Every single time! The joyful peace and awe and the tickle in my heart just thinking about her. And the knowledge that you made a very real choice that blessed me and anyone else I shared my Abby story with. I’m so honored t have been able to serve you and your family even if it had only been for a day! I assure you that meeting the Gordon family changed my life forever. My service at my job is fuller and my role as a mother is enriched. my relationship with my Lord my Father my Savior is strengthened. but the most impressive thing about it all is that I have been touched by eternity and my soul responded. All my love and forever gratitude.” —Kellie (NICU)








“Thank you, thank you, thank you… for bringing this ministry to our precious babies. “Abby blankets” have blessed so many families by sharing your story, and even more so by sharing His story and His grace. Your compassion gives our NICU families hope when they are scared to death, gives them comfort in the midst of chaos in their lives, and brings them a peace that only comes from our Savior. Please continue your ministry and share our deepest gratitude with those who help you make it happen – lives are truly being changed because of your team of Angels. May God continue to bless your family and bless others through your work.” –Kathy (NICU)








“Thank you so much for posting on our site. I will follow yours as well. I was blown away by the similarities of our journeys and believe with all my heart that Abby and Faith are great friends in Heaven. I just read all of your blog and I am touched by your strength. It does feel like an eternity since we let our girls go. I still pull Faith’s blanket out just to smell her sweetness. You, Clyde, and Ashlin will be in my prayers. We can do this, you know. We can carry the legacy of our daughters-the journey for which God chose us. I am here for you if you ever need anything! I don’t believe it was a coincidence that we were at the same hospital at the same time, live in the same area, and have a mutual friend that put us in touch with each other. The Lord knows what He is doing and I already consider you a friend! My prayer for you tonight is that Jesus Himself would come and fill your empty arms and the Abby-sized space in your heart. With many tears and much love” — LaTisha








“I wish I could have met your sweet baby Abby. I wanted to, but felt like I would have been intruding on your precious family time. So instead I followed your blog and felt I met her through it and Randy’s photos. I remember following your blog on this journey thinking to myself how much I admire your strength. Even when you don’t feel like you are strong (like maybe now), you are. Watching you from afar in this has been very powerful to me.


I think sometimes God wants to drop a precious piece of heaven down on earth every once in awhile, and this time in came in the form of Abby; A piece of heaven to teach us or remind us all of some things. Mostly to remind us that our God is great. And our God can not be understood. And that our God is good even when we don’t understand His plan. Watching you has reminded me of that. Sometimes I can get caught up in the middle of my own junk and I needed the reminder that God is good no matter what and that sometimes things just happen that are no fault of our own, but that I just have to trust God even when I don’t understand Him.


I also think he sends those pieces of heaven down to shine a light on those who should be illuminated, who are already shining for Him, but He wants to use them even more, so when the light of heaven is poured out on them, they are illuminated also. Like maybe baby Abby was saying, “Hey world, look at my mommy and daddy, look at my big sister, see how they look like Jesus. See them go through this and come out the other end and reach even more people thorough our ministry together. HEY, LOOK AT THEM!” I know you might not feel this way now, but it’s coming, I can feel it.” –Sherry

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