Foreword by Dr. Tom Blackaby, pastor, best-selling author, international speaker


It is remarkable how someone so tiny, so helpless, so dependent, who lives only 12 days can change so many lives. Melinda has eloquently and honestly given us a glimpse into what her journey has been like. It is a journey of grace and hope in the midst of unimaginable loss and pain; a journey that likely will not have an end, but does find hope along the pathway. This book is a hug for those who need a light in their grief darkness and a revelation to those who want to help. Melinda competently navigates the tightrope between tears and gratitude, loss and gain, suffering and joy. Her measured honestly is like medicine that stings but leads to healing. Melinda’s story of her daughter Abby’s short life and how it impacted so many people will impact you too. It may help you take another step in the direction of healing as you see how one family honors their child’s brief life. It may help you tell your own story of how love came to you too. It might even inspire you to action or to be ready when your “baby Simon” opportunity comes along.

Love Has Come: A 30-day journey of hope and encouragement for those...


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