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Melinda is a freelance writer, training consultant, certified life coach, and heads the daily operations of Abby's Gift. She shares her testimony and the journey of losing a child from a mother's perspective. 

Melinda speaks to:

  • Women and youth groups

  • Grief groups

  • Community organizations

  • Retreats


Clyde works as a Chief in the Houston Fire Department at Station 8. As a fire fighter for 30 years, his nature is to "fix" problems as they arise. He shares his story and testimony of how God worked in his life when he couldn't "fix" his daughters health problems or the outcome of her short life. 

Clyde speaks to:                                          *Clyde and Ashlin are beginning a

  • Men's groups                                           pet therapy program in June 2017

  • Grief groups                                            with their dog, Maggie.

  • Community organizations


Ashlin is 17 and speaks from the heart about what it was like to lose her only sibling,that she waited so long to have. She released a book this year titled "The Story of Hope: Helping Kids Express Feelings of Grief and Loss".

Ashlin is also launching a pet therapy program for pediatric patients and siblings that have recently lost a brother or sister.  

Ashlin speaks to:

  • Women and youth groups

  • Children grief groups

  • Community organizations

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