Abby’s Gift's mission:

• Provide financial assistance for funeral services
• Spread awareness about children on hospice care
• Support and encourage families that have lost children

Abby’s Gift is a 501(c)3 foundation created to help other families with a critically-ill or terminally-ill child. No matter what the circumstance may be, losing a child is more devastating than words can describe. After experiencing the hospice journey with Abby, we couldn't imagine other families going through something similar and not having the appropriate equipment at home, or not having enough vacation or sick time at work to stay home with their child during their last day, or having to take out a loan for the overwhelming funeral and burial expenses. 

Our heart's desire is that this foundation provides a glimpse of God's goodness,

faithfulness, and undeniable peace in the midst of a joyful yet heartbreaking journey.
We open our life, and share the gift of Hope...with all the love a heart can hold.

The Gordon Family

We feel the best explanation of "who" we are as a family is best described in the title of this piece written at age 7 for a school project by Abby's older sister.


Inside her autobiography, Ashlin talks about:


  • the day she was born

  • her favorite birthdays and parties

  • when her Nanny died

  • when "we got new cousins"

  • her dog Sally

  • when she found out "mom was pregnet"

  • when she found out that she was having a sister and "we allso found out she was sick"

  • the day Abby was born


The last page of her autobiography says, "after that she died but I still love her even if she's not with me. The End."


Abby's Gift was started in 2011 out of a desire to help others families in a journey that unexpectedly brings them face to face with End of Life care for their child (hopsice and palliative care equipment is built for adults, NOT children) and that brings them face to face with overwhelming funeral and burial expenses. Our experience opened our eyes to an unimaginable need.




Thank you Ashlin, for reminding all of us that circumstances don't define us, our hope, or our joy. No matter what life or circumstances bring, we are love, hope, joy, peace, faith, and above all else....Bellessed.



even more special memories

 Great Grandpa Elmer's first conversation with Abby. This picture was taken on his way home from two months in the hospital and he was so excited to meet and hold her.
He talked to Abby about how sick they both were and that he wasn't sure who would make it to Heaven first...


She won. 


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